Leading distributor of steel plates

Market expertise

Markets are constantly changing. Therefore, all the factors determining the price of the products need to be known and understood in order to be able to work with our customers to establish a supply plan.

Over the last hundred years, we have established strong bonds and strategic alliances with first-rate suppliers worldwide and we have a team of highly specialised professionals dedicated to always ensuring the best products at the best possible price.

Integrated Logistics

We include logistic companies able to provide the best integral transport service at the best price.

We provide the following logistic services, as part of marketing of the product.

  • Transport by Sea.
  • By Rail.
  • By Road.
  • Warehousing.
  • Customs and documentation.

Risk management

Risk is an inherent part of our business. Appropriate risk management is therefore fundamental for a successful outcome of the operations.

Our company, with a sound reputation with banks and financial institutions, is able to manage:

  • Transport insurance.
  • Bills of exchange.
  • Import/export facilities. We hold Economic Authorised Operator (EAO) certification.
Company that is part of Erhardt
Founded in 1882
35 companies
Over 800 employees
Sectors: Transport and Logistics, ICTs, and Iron & Steel and Industrial Products
Further information: www.erhardt.es

Main Offices

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Fax: +34 946 480 965

Email: infoalsider@erhardt.es